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$500 Monthly Metals Investment Box

$500 Monthly Metals Investment Box

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Do you want to make your future precious metals investing Automatic and hassle free?

For $500/ month you will get a mystery box sent to your doorstep. You now have control of your monthly stacking.

We will do the rest. While we can not guarantee the future pricing of metals, We do guarantee great quality items in each monthly box! Each package will contain silver or gold or platinum or bullion or hand poured items and more depending on your monthly investment.

Furthermore, your package will contain fractional ounces, ounces, 5 ounces, 10 ounces, 20 ounces, kilos or more depending on your monthly investment.

Depending on your price tier, your monthly box can include any of the items displayed in the photo, and much more! All boxes will be sent to you each month with FREE shipping (if located in the United States). International shipping is available upon purchase for a fee. 

Investing has never been easier and less time consuming and you have the backing of an industry leader. MK Coins And MK BarZ.

Happy investing!

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