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2 Oz MK BarZ "Undead Fun- Zombie Boy" .999 Fine Silver

2 Oz MK BarZ "Undead Fun- Zombie Boy" .999 Fine Silver

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2 Oz MK BarZ "Undead Fun- Zombie Boy" .999 Fine Silver

This .999 fine silver piece features a design of a zombie boy with intricate details and textures that bring the undead creature to life. The raised design gives the piece a three-dimensional effect, making the boy seem to be emerging from the silver itself.

Made of .999 pure silver, this piece not only has aesthetic value but also has inherent value as an investment in precious metals. The weight and purity of the silver are stamped on the piece, ensuring its authenticity and value.

This silver piece is perfect for fans of the macabre or horror genre, as well as those who appreciate unique and eye-catching silver pieces. The zombie boy design is both eerie and playful, making it a great addition to any collection or a fun gift for someone who enjoys the darker side of life.

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