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2.5 oz MK BarZ .999 FS "Bat Silhouette" Handpoured

2.5 oz MK BarZ .999 FS "Bat Silhouette" Handpoured

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2.5 oz. Hand Poured "Bat Silhouette"

This silver bar in the shape of a bat silhouette, antiqued to have a black appearance, is a unique and visually striking piece of bullion. The silhouette is expertly crafted with precise edges and curves to create a bat shape that is instantly recognizable.

Made from high-quality silver, the bar has a substantial weight and feel, making it an impressive addition to any collection. The blackened surface, which is created through an antiquing process, gives the silver a dark and dramatic appearance.

Its striking design, expert craftsmanship, and unique appearance would make it a valuable addition to any collection, especially for fans of bats or collectors of silver bullion.

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