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10 oz MK BarZ .999 FS Sasquatch Bar- Antiqued

10 oz MK BarZ .999 FS Sasquatch Bar- Antiqued

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10 oz. MK BarZ .999 FS Sasquatch Bar- Antiqued

The 10 oz MK BarZ .999 FS Sasquatch Bar - Antiqued is a premium bullion product that combines high-quality silver with expert craftsmanship. The bar features a detailed design of the legendary Sasquatch, the mythical creature that has fascinated people for generations.

Made from .999 fine silver, the bar has a weight of 10 oz, giving it a substantial feel and heft. The design is expertly crafted with precise edges and curves, creating a stunning visual effect. The bar is also antiqued, giving it a rustic and aged appearance that adds to its charm and collectability.

The Sasquatch is depicted in intricate detail, emphasizing the creature's legendary size and strength. The polished surface of the bar gleams in the light, emphasizing the beauty of the silver and the intricate details of the design.

The Sasquatch design adds an element of intrigue and mystery to this already impressive bar, making it a must-have for fans of mythical creatures and collectors of unique bullion products. The antiqued finish gives the bar an added layer of character, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Check out this bar in our high shine version:

10 oz MK BarZ .999 FS Sasquatch Bar- High Shine

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