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1 Ozt MK BarZ "Ounce of Undead" Zombie Bar .999 FS Hand Poured

1 Ozt MK BarZ "Ounce of Undead" Zombie Bar .999 FS Hand Poured

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1 Ozt MK BarZ "Ounce of Undead" Zombie Bar .999 FS Hand Poured

The "Ounce of Undead" Silver Bar is a unique and fascinating collectible piece of precious metal artistry. Crafted from one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this bar takes the form of a miniature zombie head, making it a distinctive addition to any silver bullion collection.

The front of the bar features an intricately detailed and handcrafted zombie head, complete with all the eerie and ghastly characteristics you'd expect. The zombie's sunken eyes, decaying flesh, and menacing grin are expertly sculpted, capturing the essence of the undead.

On the reverse side, you'll find important markings indicating the weight, purity, and the classic MK Barz name. These markings ensure the authenticity and quality of the silver bar.

The "Ounce of Undead" Silver Bar is not only a unique and entertaining piece for collectors interested in the macabre, but it also holds intrinsic value as a one-ounce investment in .999 fine silver. This bar is sure to spark conversations and intrigue, making it a standout piece in your precious metals portfolio or a memorable gift for fellow collectors with a taste for the unconventional. Embrace the dark side of silver with the "Ounce of Undead" and enjoy the blend of artistic craftsmanship and precious metal investment it represents.

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