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1.5 Troy Oz. MK BarZ "Miniature Menace"- Jason Hand Poured .999 Fine Silver

1.5 Troy Oz. MK BarZ "Miniature Menace"- Jason Hand Poured .999 Fine Silver

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1.5 Troy Oz. MK BarZ "Miniature Menace"- Jason Hand Poured .999 FS

Prepare to be thrilled by the "Miniature Menace" - Jason Hand Poured Silver Bar, a hauntingly captivating work of art brought to life by MK BarZ. This 1.5 troy ounce masterpiece is a chilling tribute to one of horror's most iconic characters.


  • Material: .999 Fine Silver
  • Weight: 1.5 troy ounces (1.5 Troy Oz)
  • Purity: 99.9% pure silver

Design: This silver bar takes on the eerie form of the notorious Jason. Every intricate detail, from the menacing hockey mask to the tattered clothing and iconic weapon, is meticulously captured in fine silver. The bar's surface features a hand-poured finish that adds a rustic touch, enhancing its unique and spine-tingling character.

The reverse side may include essential details such as weight and purity, alongside the unmistakable MK BarZ logo, attesting to the craftsmanship and authenticity of this unique collectible.

Collectibility and Horror Enthusiasm: The "Miniature Menace" - Jason Silver Bar is a must-have for collectors and horror enthusiasts alike. Whether you appreciate the thrill of classic horror cinema or are intrigued by the artistry of fine silver, this bar is certain to ignite conversations and elicit shivers.

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