2 Oz MK BarZ "The Great Architect of the Universe" LTD- All Seeing Eye Hand Poured .999 FS Round

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MK BarZ & Bullion

2 Oz MK BarZ

"The Great Architect of the Universe" .999 FS Round

                                How did the all seeing eye get on our currency?

One day in 1934, while Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was waiting to meet with Secretary of State Cordell Hull, he looked through a State Department publication titled, "The History of the Seal of the United States." 

I was struck by the fact that the reverse side of the Seal had never been used. Therefore I took the publication to President Roosevelt and suggested a coin be put out with the obverse and reverse sides of the Seal.

Roosevelt, as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal, was first struck with the representation of the "All Seeing Eye," a Masonic representation of "The Great Architect of the Universe". Next he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776, but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt like myself was a 32nd degree Mason.

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