International Silver Syndicate Membership

Hey all! We are very excited to announce our new International Silver Syndicate Monthly Subscription Service!

This exclusive new subscription service is a wealth accumulation program which features custom bars with the International Silver Syndicate Youtube Channels.


All memberships are able to be cancelled at any time. Your account will be automatically billed each month on the day you sign up. Shipping of your subscription box is free for all customers in the United States. For all other countries monthly shipping is subject to further payment upon notice.
Disclosures: *We reserve the right to cancel all monthly subscriptions at any time for any reasons. All paid monies would be refunded. Cancellations reasons would be mainly due to silver fluctuations in a volatile market. *We reserve the right to add or delete channels as more sign up with us or others leave the syndicate. *No two pours are alike. We cannot guarantee identical pieces every time. *Channel bars are distributed at random and you may end up with similar channels although privy mark will change monthly. *All artwork and channel logos are the artwork of the Silver Syndicate and may not be reproduced. *All pieces are exclusive and are only able to be purchased through the monthly subscription service.