MK BARZ AND BULLION is a family owned and operated private mint specializing in hand poured silver bullion and American coins exclusively minted in the United States.

We were established in Los Angeles, California in 2014 and provide service to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Our primary owner has been grading and collecting, and hoarding American silver coins for over 35 years and our co-owner grew up in a family owned and operated foundry for over 32 years specializing in bronze statues and awards & incentives in the private and public sectors. 

Our goal is to see people invest in their future and own items that store value like precious metals. To see people accumulate wealth instead of spending their hard earned money on depreciating items or via debt accumulation.

We custom stamp and make silver bars, rounds, hearts, hexagons and other shapes for Anniversary's, Birthdays, Holiday's, Awards, Gifts, and just about any occasion. Some of our themed bars include Breast cancer awareness, Autism awareness, and Birth of a newborn. We can stamp bars with Crosses, Snowmen, Christmas trees, Jewish stars, Menorahs or any religious themed event. We have Teddy Bears, Babies Hands and Feet, Skull and Bones, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Snowmen, Christmas Trees, Greek Letters, Horseshoe's, American Flags, Yin and Yang, Numbers, Letters and many others.

Hand poured Bars and Bullion have become extremely popular in our country and highly sought after and collectable. Whether looking for alternative places to put your hard earned money in uncertain economic environments or your just looking for a store of value, Precious metals are pretty to look at and can leave quite an artistic impression and may be handed down through generations.

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Please send any and all requests to MKBARZANDBULLION@gmail.com

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