5 Oz MK BarZ "Blood Thirsty" Clown Bar by Paul Abrams .999 FS

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MK BarZ & Artist Paul Abrams Collaborate for

5 Oz MK BarZ "Blood Thirsty" Bar

by Paul Abrams .999 FS

Our very first artist collaboration with a fantastic artist, Paul Abrams.

Paul is an artistic genius with such an amazing talent for depth & detail. Paul can bring anything to life! 

 Paul has a unique way of creating amazing fantasy art look so realistic. The rich dark patina highlights the shine of the .999 silver detail.  

Check out the"Odin's Throne", "Queens Slave" " Lucifer Lives" and more and other bars also designed by Paul Abram's in our Collaborative Artist Collection!

 Another one you will not be disappointed to add to your collection!