COMING SOON.........MK BarZ & Bullion Monthly Subscription Memberships


MK BarZ & Bullion Exclusive
Monthly Subscription Memberships
Subscriptions may include the following based on
Tier Membership Subscription**
  • 2 - 8 OZT Monthly Exclusive Members                                         ONLY MK BarZ Products LTD to 100
  • Monthly Members Only COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Up to 3 Addition Discount Coupons Per Year
  • Top Tier Numbered Limited Editions Only Available to the FIRST 100 Members
  • Access to The Exclusive Membership                                            Page & Blog                                            
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Free Treasure Chest
  • Free Product Presentation Box

**First Come, First Served. Lowest Limited Edition Number Assigned In Order Of Membership. (IE: First person to sign up gets number 1 on their products each month. The Earlier you join, the lower your number. If you cancel your membership, your number will be given to the next person in line. If you choose to rejoin, your number will not be reserved and you will be placed on the waiting list if there are already 100 members for that month.)

**Tiers may include some of &/or all of the above based on Monthly Membership Subscription of your choice.



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