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Hi! I joined your subscription club (Tier II) a few months ago and have enjoyed the 4 oz. offerings you have sent so far!! Very Cool Pours!! Is there any way I can get a number about Mintage total amounts on each one? Maybe have that information written on the COA? Thanks again for the creative pours!! Aloha!


extremely pumped about this tier3 serious stacker subscription box ready to see this 8oz of silver and all the goodies #MKBARS4LIFE#

Joshua Schwartz

new monthly member, I first purchased a few items to get my hands on them and see if I like them, and WOW…I loved them and joined as a member immediately. The customer service / shipping has been top notch as well. I love the idea of getting a little surprise every month and can’t wait to see what comes next month.. keep up the great work.


Love the New exclusive action Michael. The Krakens are saweeeet. Thanks so much.

micah cooper

Some “Goonies” symbols imaged on some coins would be Awesome. A few pretty Kool ideas if you google “Goonies Symbols” One Eyed Willy images etc. maybe it’s been done by MK already, just an idea. Thanks For the Loot.

micah cooper

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