First.999 Subscription Box Membership

Membership Blog Revive!! Love to hear from you all!

Hey Everyone!

We hope you and yours are well during these trying times!

We are so pleased to have you all part of our MK Family and have LOVED bringing you all our exclusive memberships over the past . We would love any suggestions you might have for us! Whether it be for the membership or a product you would like to see make in fine silver, we really appreciate the feedback.

If would also be great to revive our blog space and we will do our best to keep you up to date on all we are doing! We really think your going to enjoy this months membership! Its something new for us and we would love to hear from you about it!


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 Looking forward to your comments and sharing with us below




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Anything pirate themed made for members-only would be awesome! Have three treasure boxes to fill with pirate loot lol.

Adrian Santana

I love the pirate theme as well or anything to do with the holidays

Glen T

Definitely pirate theme and for October something Halloween, maybe a 3d or 4d jackolantern. Love skulls too of course. I just recieved my first box and love it! The details on the stamping is amazing.

Luis Sauceda

Members-only pieces for sure! It would be awesome to have but also do a lot to bring in new members and grow the MK Barz community. Really looking forward to the first delivery.

Jeff Gorkisch

Anything pirate themed, especially for Halloween. More importantly, limited edition pieces where members receive the first batch of low or cool numbers! Great job Mike!

Jeff Boggis

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